My room is the furthest from the entrance and between the guitar, music and video games, I never hear the doorbell. That's why a couple of years ago I designed a primitive wireless doorbell with a pair of Arduinos Nano, a transmitter and a 433Mhz receiver. At that time I did not have much hand with the manufacture of plates and it was seedy but everything is said, it has been installed for a year and a half and it has worked quite well. See the "beiesa de la naturalesa"




A couple of months ago I tried to make a second version with the same radio modules and some plates that I had to make Oshpark for the panel of LEDs and the detector circuit of the bell. But look despite having improved the device, used the same modules, same power supplies, had radio losses.


So again, I wanted to take advantage of the ESP8266 that came from China to redesign the device. Overall, the detector board was already made of the second version.


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