Since I started to become fond of electronics, I have been researching and learning, especially through the projects published here. I have always sought to get out a little of what I was taught in the race and search on my own. One of the things that I did not see in the race was the microcontrollers (due to restructuring of contents, changes of syllabuses, etc).

The closest approach I've had has been through the Arduino platform. Already last summer I decided to put a little snout on this issue, buying an STM and fiddling. It is curious to see that the last entry is more than 1 year old, has its explanation. I have been with the TFG and I was not able to get any project with the TFG pending, even though I had plenty of time for everything. So as expected, getting into the wonderful world of microcontrollers has been a little aside. I intend to hang my TFG here, but at the moment I do not know where to start.

This course I have started a Master in electronic systems engineering, where I will play microphones, FPGAs, embedded systems and all those things that were left in the inkwell in the race. So this section will be focused on it. The microphones that I plan to work with are: AVR, MSP and STM32.

In the case of AVR, it is clear: Atmega328p, Atmega2560, Atmega168, Attiny85. They are the microphones that are used in Arduino and I have many plates to work with them. My intention is to dispense with Arduino to program them and treat them as what they are, micros.

In the case of MSP: I'll start with MSP430 Launchpad, since it's BBB.

And in the case of STM32, from previous purchases I already have a few STM32F103, external ST-LINK and a Discovery F0 is on its way.

I know there are many more platforms, brands and microphones, but I do not want to buy many things and end up eating dust in a drawer, if there are not too many things in the drawer of pending projects: P.


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